One of the common methods of clamping workpieces during CNC machining is fixing them on a vacuum table.

Such clamping of the workpiece material is in many cases better suited to securely hold the workpieces during machining and eliminate the need for them to be held down by mechanical clamps or otherwise.
Vacuum table is the most convenient and fastest way to fix workpieces when working with any flat sheet material, processing using the “Nesting” technology, through contour milling.
Vacuum tables work reliably with many materials, such as various plastics and composites, wood and any of its derivatives.
The clamping force in vacuum tables is created due to the pressure difference between a highly rarefied medium, which for simplicity is called a vacuum created under the part, and atmospheric pressure pressing the part from above to the table.

On machines manufactured by InStankoService, the most flexible matrix vacuum tables with zoning are installed. The tables are made of impact-resistant and wear-resistant composite material, which is not subject to deformation when the ambient temperature and humidity change, unlike materials such as plywood and MDF.
If necessary, the number, location and configuration of the vacuum zones of the table can be optimized for the tasks of the buyer.

Often, between the surface of the vacuum table and the fixed workpiece, the so-called “sacrificial layer” is used, made of a solid porous material. This intermediate, periodically leveled or replaced layer is necessary to maintain the surface of the vacuum table during through milling with a “margin of depth”, as well as to evenly distribute the pressing force over the entire surface of the workpiece.

InStankoService machines in basic modifications use centrifugal vacuum pumps with a power of 5.5 kW and a capacity of up to 400 m2. Due to the high performance of the pump, it is able to fix workpieces of medium and large sizes, as well as small parts, with an additional limitation of the area of ​​​​the discharge zone.
In addition, at the request of the customer or if it is necessary to ensure reliable fastening of a specific material, rotary vane or water ring pumps of the required power and productivity can be installed on the machines.