The mill RM3D is designed for relief milling processing of the rotation body. RM3D mill is able to apply decorative elements like carving, helicoid surface, manufacture of polygons, create of two-dimensional elements, apply the decorative grooves on a compound section, drill the fabrication holes and daps.

Machine type CNC Router
Maximum workpiece length 1200 mm
Maximum billet diameter 400 mm
Axes travel range (X×Y×Z) 360º×1200×250 mm
Distance from spindle nut to table 200 mm
Guideways Square type
Transmission type, Z,Y axes Ballscrew
Reducer type, X axis Planetary
Feed motors X,Y,Z Stepper motor
Re-positioning accuracy 0.05 mm
Maximum travel speed, Z axis 6 m/min
Maximum travel speed, Y axes 20 m/min
Maximum travel speed, X axes 60 rpm
Feed rate * 0-18 m/min
Spindle power 4.5 kW
Spindle rpm 6 000-18 000 rpm
Spindle cooling Air
Tool change Manual
Collet type (maximum shank diameter) ER32 (20 mm)
Tool length caliber Contact type, automatic
Limit sensors Inductive, sealed
Controller (CNC) Ncstudio
Programming language G-Code
Dust collector pipe diameter 120 mm
Dust collector capacity 3200 m2/h
Supply voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 7 kW
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1750×650×1700 mm
Net weight 550 kg

* Feed Rate depends on the material type, cutting depth, milling strategy, spindle speed and the quality of the tool used.

Machine is capable to make a number of products such as balusters, curvilinear furniture legs, foot posts, columns, capitals and other products of similar shape. The device is able to rotate the workpiece around the axis of rotation at different angles in accordance with a given program. The maximum dimensions of the processed workpieces: length – 1200 mm, diameter – 200 mm.
  • PC kit: system unit, monitor, mouse, keyboard
  • Aspiration system
  • Automatic lubrication mechanics