Plasma cutting machine PL-3015 is a great decision for automatization of the figured metal cutting. The working table allows cutting a plate of 3000×1500 mm without prior preparation. Depending on the cutting tasks, the machine is able to be equipped with any source of plasma-arc cutting of PowerMax class made by the Hypertherm (USA). The quality parts meant for heavy load and severe exploitation are used for manufacturing the machine.

Design Moving gantry
Worktable (X×Y) 1500×3000 mm
Axes travel range (X×Y) 1500×3000 mm
Table structure Lamellas
Guideways Square type
Transmission type, X,Y axes Helical rack
Feed motors X,Y,Z Stepper motor
Maximum travel speed, X,Y axes 20 m/min
Feed rate * 1-20 m/min
Plasma Source Manufacturer Hypertherm PowerMax
Current source model 45A | 65A | 85A | 105A
Current adjustment Manual
Control system StarFire 2100.S
Software Built-in library of standard nesting shapes
Plasma power supply voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 10 – 25 kW
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 3400×2100×1300 mm
Net weight 760 kg

* The working speed of movement depends on the properties of the material, its thickness and the established current.

Maximum cutting thickness, mm Plasma cutting system
Low carbon steel Stainless steel Aluminum
with punching when inserting from the edge with punching when inserting from the edge with punching when inserting from the edge
12 20 12 20 10 16 Powermax45
16 25 12 20 12 20 Powermax65
20 32 16 25 16 25 Powermax85
22 38 20 32 20 32 Powermax105
25 44 22 40 25 40 Powermax125
  • Plasma source power increase
  • A set of additional consumables