Machine type CNC Router
Design Moving gantry
Worktable (X×Y) 1500×1000 mm
Axes travel range (X×Y×Z) 2500×2200×200 mm
Spindle tilt angle, B axis ± 90º
Spindle rotation angle, C axis 270º
Distance from spindle nut to table 900 mm
Table structure Aluminum T-slot
Guideways Square type
Transmission type, Z axis Ballscrew
Transmission type, X,Y axes Helical rack
Reducer type, X,Y axes Planetary
Reducer type, B axis Wave
Reducer type, С axis Wave
Feed motors X,Y,Z,A,C Servomotors
Re-positioning accuracy 0.05 mm
Maximum travel speed, Z axis 6 m/min
Maximum travel speed, X,Y axes 20 m/min
Maximum travel speed, A,C axes 50º sec.
Feed rate * 0-18 m/min
Spindle power 5 kW
Spindle rpm 6 000-24 000 rpm
Spindle cooling Air
Tool change Automatic
Tool magazine type Linear
Tool magazine capacity ** 4 pcs. ISO 30 type
Collet type (maximum shank diameter) ER32 (20 mm)
Tool length caliber Contact type, automatic
Limit sensors Inductive, sealed
Controller (CNC) Ncstudio
Programming language G-Code
Dust collector pipe diameter 120 mm
Dust collector capacity 3200 m2/h
Supply voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 10 kW
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 3400×2200×5000 mm
Net weight 3500 kg

* Feed Rate depends on the material type, cutting depth, milling strategy, spindle speed and the quality of the tool used.

** It is possible to increase magazine capacity by request.

Main application of five-coordinate processing:

Architecture and design

  • Interior and exterior decoration
  • Making advanced building models
  • Production of some structural elements of modern buildings
  • Making models for pottery smock
  • Making models for bronze casting on burned models


  • Bulk advertising items
  • Design of exhibition stands
  • Design of gas stations
  • Production of volumetric logos

Furniture and joinery production

  • Production of sculptural carving
  • Production of complex pieces of furniture
  • Production of elements of stairs and railings
  • Production of simple parts, on one machine and without
  • the need to reinstall to process the various elements of the workpiece.


  • Production of underweight models
  • Cutting fiberglass blanks
  • Production of exhibition samples tuning


  • Production of punches and dies for the manufacture of yacht hulls
  • Production of interior elements
  • Production of various ship equipment

Rapid prototyping and modeling

  • Production of prototypes of cars in full size
  • Production of prototypes of aircraft
  • Production of various concept products

Town planning

  • Restoration and renovation of facades of buildings of artistic and historical value.
  • Restoration and renewal of historical design of cities.
  • Restoration of the lost architectural monumental heritage.


  • Manufacturing of complex casting molds
  • Restoration of damaged items
  • Manufacturing of complex parts (vanes, turbine and etc.)
  • PC kit: system unit, monitor, mouse, keyboard
  • Aspiration system
  • Automatic lubrication mechanics
  • Additional tool in the store