Table-type milling and engraving machine with CNC «Комаr» has the qualities of the professional equipment and equipment designed for a hobby. Due to the small size and weight, it can be used in the small workshops, laboratories, and educational organizations. This model is also suitable for your favorite hobby, for those who love to construct cars, airplane models, moderate gears, small parts, architecture models, souvenirs, pins, key holder, etc.

Machine type CNC Router
Design Moving gantry
Worktable (X×Y) 300×400 mm
Axes travel range (X×Y×Z) 300×400×100 mm
Distance from spindle nut to table 100 mm
Table structure Thick PVC with mounting holes
Guideways Square type
Transmission type, Z,X,Y axes Ballscrew
Feed motors X,Y,Z Stepper motor
Re-positioning accuracy 0.05 mm
Maximum travel speed, Z axis 3 m/min
Maximum travel speed, X,Y axes 6 m/min
Feed rate * 0-5 m/min
Spindle power 800 W
Spindle rpm 6 000-24 000 rpm
Spindle cooling Air
Tool change Manual
Collet type (maximum shank diameter) ER11 (6 mm)
Tool length caliber Contact type, automatic
Limit sensors Inductive, sealed
Controller (CNC) Ncstudio
Programming language G-Code
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 2 kW
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 750×610×630 mm
Net weight 50 kg

* Feed Rate depends on the material type, cutting depth, milling strategy, spindle speed and the quality of the tool used.

KOMAR series CNC milling machine is widely used in many fields, such as for the manufacture of seals, stamps, packaging, a variety of souvenir and promotional products, decoration, printed circuit boards, for engraving plastic, plexiglas, etc.
The machine works with a large number of materials. For example: wood, plastic, plexiglass, double color abs sheets, PVC, ABS, PCB, copper, bronze, aluminum and other soft materials.
  • Spindle increased power – 1.0 kW, 24 000 rpm
  • Rotary axis – length – 300 mm, diameter – 80 mm
  • CNC Replacement – DSP Remote